Who We Are.

Wear glam and let your personality speak for yourself

Clothes symbolize the personality of a person. Style with comfort is what MA’AM ARTS believes in. The exclusive range of styled and designed women clothes that are in pace with the changing trends of every day. We are a govt recognized STAR export house in India is one of the best garment manufacturing business.

Who we are?

The house of fashion, MA’AM ARTS has not so easily got its recognition. It started out with a family in Jaipur with an ambition of garment manufacturing with only 10 sewing machines. Now with sheer hard work and efforts of the entire team, we have now more than 1000 sewing machines and producing more than 2,50,000 garments in one single month. We make use of cost effective production. Over the years, our work and ethics haven’t changed and quality is still our priority.

With the state of art factories and infrastructure available, we have eminently made a position in the garment manufacturing industry. Our marketing and production strategies have been only made more signified and solidified with the best leaders for the firm. Along with the production of quality products, we also take care of the environment.

We are a team of professional and skilled designers and manufacturers. MA’AM ARTS is the next name to trust and loyalty among the customers. The entire team of MA’AM ARTS is fuelled with enthusiasm and creativity in manufacturing the best clothes.

What we do

  1. Design- A wide range of designers that are skilled in their work. With what is going on in trends to what would look more classy, our designers design the clothes that catch the eye when worn by anybody. For any apparel, the design is the first important factor that comes in mind while shopping. Personalized designs with antique and delicate work including the embroidery, Zari work, etc is designed deliberately by the designers with us. The designers take care of the fabric material, style material, the work on material and every single element from choosing the right thread to the right color so that what ends is always a masterpiece.
  2. Quality: Quality is what we are known for. We, at MA’AM ARTS, take care of the quality of the product first so that the customers are happy with what they get from us. Multiple chains of quality checks are made by the apparel and fashion experts so that there is no compromise with the quality of the product.
  3. Manufacturing- We have the latest manufacturing systems that meet the requirements and demands. Separate departments for the complete production with completely trained staff to enhance the manufacturing process of the clothes. Our wide range of machines and team of enthusiastic employees that are dedicated to their work makes it possible to achieve a goal of more than 2,50,000 garments in a single month.
  4. Sustainability- The ultimate reason why we are at the top of the industry is our sustainability. Our trustworthy products, employees and other professionals have made a strong image in the apparel industry. In Jaipur, we have got Certifications by The US customs and granted C-TPAT. Thus, by ensuring a safe environment for employees and the organization, we make sure that the organization runs in a safe, smooth and sustained manner.

MA’AM ARTS is not only a name but also a trust factor that people look for. Our exclusive range of designed women apparel is loved by all categories. Shop us with now to stay in trends with the trendiest and classic collection of women apparels at MA’AM ARTS.