For Ma’am Arts, an average product with a high-quality value is always preferable than a good one with little to no quality standard. Quality for us is a habit that we have cultivated over a long time. Our urge to manufacture high merit products has sustained and added a stream of clients for over a quarter century. 

We follow a three-tiered pre-emptive quality policy to achieve finest result in product performance.  

Stage 1 – We include a trailblazing department by the name of – Research and Development. Guaranteeing the right product in the first go requires our R&D team to carefully strategize its approach. The team studies and analyses the risk(s) for each technicality (risk-analysis) in the garment. The team then imparts the respective in-depth information to all the relevant departments by arranging a Pre- Production Meeting (PPM).

Stage 2 – In order to satisfy our hunger for a valuable product – our factory has installed Quality Management System (QMS) in our sewing department - an automated system that aims to identify, analyze and correct the defects thereby enhancing the worth of the product. 

Stage 3 – Every garment requires a different finishing criterion for its end use and no compromise can be endured in the finishing process. Arranging a Pre- Finishing Meeting (PFM) before the garments are transferred to the last but vital process, assures that the products are top-notch with respect to quality. The PFM takes into consideration the ironing criteria and the critical A zone of garments. 

Quality is a basic hygiene, and we leave nothing to chance. Our investment with respect to time and money helps us to ensure that our manufactured garments meet the quality benchmark that we have set for ourselves. For us, quality means doing it right even when no one is looking!