Time and again, Ma’am Arts has refurbished itself with the latest manufacturing technology and processes. Adapting to the latest automated technology is the need of the hour today. A crucial aspect for the growth of any organization is the ability to efficiently adapt itself to the latest developments and integrate its machines with human resources, resulting in better complimentary output for everybody. 

At Ma’am Arts, we have the holistic approach to “state of the art” apparel manufacturing. Through our quantum of 3 technologically advanced factories, each comprising of different automated and computerized machinery, we currently hold a capacity of producing 2.5 Lac garments per month. Our invaluable asset – a team of 1500 technically strong and committed professionals, work enthusiastically to reach the forever increasing demands of our customers.

Over the past few years, we have taken all of the above very sincerely and revamped our infrastructure by inculcating 1000 Sewing machines. Sewing machines are the building blocks for any garment manufacturing cum export house. Our sewing machines are in-built with Under Bed Trimmer (UBT), direct-drive motors, LED at needlepoint and all the other safety equipment necessary for the operator. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application is fully integrated as per the customized needs of the organization. All the employees are proficiently coached for their job profiles in their respective departments to achieve the best desired results. 



In 2019, we enhanced our cutting department with the addition of fully Automatic Fabric Spreading machines and managed to scale up the cutting capacity by 40%, which now stands at more than 10,000 units a day. 

By relentlessly modernizing, the infrastructure we are determined to enhance and amalgamate ourselves with the new technological advancements!


In 2014, we installed our own Computerized Automated Embroidery Machine set up, in-house. In Ma’am Arts, embroidery is an art of adorning a fabric with beautiful colored threads. To meet and maintain the quality of the embroidered product, we have installed a setup of 3 multi-head automatic and Computerized Embroidery Machines.

The “needle-work machines” have a daily production capacity of around 1000 – 1200 garment units per day, depending upon the style/design. Automating the factory has been one of our best decisions to stay on top of the game in a world full of ever-changing technological needs. 


In 2010, we installed the CAD/CAM software “Audaces” from Brazil, which is one of its kind and is known for the traceless automatic digitization of patterns. Once the models and fabrics for production are defined, the software automatically calculates the cut order.

This tool calculates the cut order through information such as table width, fabric type, maximum marker length, estimate yield, the maximum number of layers and number of colors to the cut. Together with the CAD setup and the spreading machine, Ma’am Arts has not only reduced human hours but also pushed its cutting capacity by 40%.

The complete setup coupled together with the skilled manpower provides precise plotting and guarantees high-quality standards into the final product.


Ma’am Arts, internal laboratories conduct performance testing and color approvals at various stages on raw materials, fabrics, garments, and trims in accordance with international test standards.

Our in-house testing lab is equipped with all the necessary machines with a team of textile engineers to ensure our products’ top-notch value. The lab conducts basic, yet important fabric and garment performance tests (FPT/GPT) required for being at par with our Quality Standards.

Every design/garment requires a different fabric that flatters its silhouette and style. The fabric parameters like the count, construction, and GSM are identified using the Pick Glass, GSM Cutter, and the Digital GSM Scale. Our internal washing machine is used for assessing the amount of processing shrinkage; the fabric/garment/trim might go through. Few of our other in-house machines include - The Croc Meter, a scientific apparatus that checks the color fastness of dyed fabric and garment. Equipment’s like Tear Resistance Tester and Button Snap Pull Tester are a valuable addition.

We believe that collaborating with the latest gadgets and embracing the advanced technology has not only helped in setting us on the front foot but also created a constant environment of learning. By relentlessly modernizing the infrastructure and upgrading the human resources, we are determined to put our name on the global map!