From the face of it, Ma’am Arts is a Government recognized STAR export house in Jaipur (India), but the real Ma’am Arts story is full of Sweat, Blood & Glory - of a family, that long ago dreamt of being a market leader in Jaipur, with a humble beginning of just 10 sewing machines, in the garment manufacturing business, against all odds.

Our Director, Mr. Rajiv Dewan started this special journey of hard work and success, back in 1988, and having seen potential ended up calling his brother and our Director, Mr. Rakesh Dewan, to join him in 1991. Over the course of the next 3 decades, the dream has been brought to fruition by sheer will, determination and vision, by making Ma’am Arts one of the best garment manufacturers.

Today, we have 3 state of the art units, with 1000 sewing machines, producing over 2,50,000 garments per month - by doing ethical, cost effective and quality production. This places us in strategic partnerships with our clients from across 27 countries and makes the name Ma’am Arts a synonym for trust and leaders of adaptability.

With the introduction of Mr. Jigar Dewan in 2010, we have been a market leader in innovative manufacturing practices and ensuring on time delivery, while with Mr. Avyay Dewan joining the business in 2018, has solidified our designing and creativity quotient based on international design inputs.

Over the course of this journey, what has not changed is the fundamentals of inclusive growth of everyone associated with Ma’am Arts; care for the society and environment; quality of the product and customer delight.


Keeping in mind the beauty and fierceness that every woman possesses, we started our women’s apparel business more than a quarter century back. Since then, there has been no looking back for us. Our current global presence has expanded including Australia, France, Europe, and Japan to name a few.


Our dedicated and steadfast group - researches, analyzes, and follows the hottest Global trends through the forecasting tools like WGSN etc. and plans the entire range with ease.


Quality for us is a habit that we have cultivated into a basic routine, and we leave nothing to chance. We believe in doing it right, even when no one is checking.


Collaborating with the latest gadgets and embracing the advanced technology has not only helped in setting us on the front foot, but also created a constant environment of learning


In this era of rapid need of growth, Ma’am Arts never supports the exploitation of the biosphere and always believes that coexistence is primal in nature.


Ma’am Arts was inaugurated in 1988 with just 10 sewing machines. Over the period of time, we grew leaps and bounds and currently own a setup of 3 “state of the art” factories and qualified labor with over 800 sewing machines catering to the buyer all over the globe.


We know that comfort, health, and safety are crucial in protecting the well-being of our employees and the company. Every organization, serving any sector, should be law abiding and ethically strong. Ma’am Arts, being one such unit, has cultivated a habit of setting a precedent in everything it does – including our compliance policies!



One of the first factories in Jaipur to have been screened by the U.S. Customs and granted C-TPAT certificate which focuses on improving the private companies’ supply chains security with respect to terrorism.



We are a decade old recipient of SEDEX, a non-profit organization whose auditing and certification methodology comprises of 4 pillars that we together stand for - Labor, Health & Safety, Environment and Business Ethics.



Being one of the leaders to obtain the WRAP certification in 2011 shows our commitment towards our duty. It’s the world’s largest independent factory-based social compliance certification program for the sewn products sector.


SA- 8000

In 2014, our unit was first audited and certified SA 8000 – an international standard that encourages organizations to develop, maintain and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace.


STAR Export house

MA’AM Arts holds the privilege of being amongst the first Export Houses in Jaipur to be awarded the STAR Export house status by the Government of India.


It’s never a dull day at Ma’am Arts. We are an amalgamation of youthful exuberance and patience that comes from experience! The vibe and the people here appreciate each other’s talent and their independent decision-making skills. Transparency, communication, and innovation are some of the key principles we together believe in!

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Mr. Rajiv Dewan


Our director Mr. Rajiv Dewan started this special journey of hard work and success back in 1988. It was his vision and ambition that we are now one of the leading women’s apparel manufacturers.

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Mr. Rakesh Dewan


In 1991, Mr. Rakesh Dewan saw potential in the vision of Ma’am Arts and it is his professionalism, humility and honesty towards his duties that make him "a man of his words".

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Mr. Jigar Dewan


Mr. Jigar Dewan introduced the concept of new and innovative manufacturing technologies/ practices and their subsequent importance, with his joining in 2010. With his line of thoughts, setting a precedent has never been this easy.

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Mr. Avyay Dewan


With the joining of Mr. Avyay Dewan in2018, the designing and originality quotient has been solidified. His inputs on the international designs and a flair for creativity, have made Ma’am Arts synonymous to innovation.


Who can appreciate your diligent hard work better than your own clientele! Being a pioneer export house, Ma’am Arts has been a recipient of numerous felicitations and awards from its clientele time and again for its on-time delivery schedule without any compromise on the quality front.


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We were honored with “BEST FAST FASHION VENDOR” award by the Landmark Group for manufacturing and shipping style(s) with outstanding quality, from ground zero, within a span of 15-20 days!


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We pat our own back to have been awarded for our diligent hard work - “BEST VENDOR PERFORMANCE” by the House of Anita Dongre for the AW season in 2019.


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Since we are known for our contemporary style and fashion; we were felicitated with the 2nd “BEST CONTEMPORARY PRESENTATION” award at the VASTRA - third International Textile and Apparel Fair.


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Our transformation from 20 machines to 3 automated “state of the art” units bagged us with the title “FASTEST GROWING INDUSTRIALIST” by Jaipur Priyadarshani JCI more than a decade ago.


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It is “Ma’am Arts’s” sheer hard work and diligent actions that made us worthy for this award. We are proud to have a strong partnership with the Landmark Group’s MAX!


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It is always a good time when you receive the “THE BEST VENDOR PERFORMANCE AW19” certificate and award from the House of Anita Dongre for your absolute will and performance.


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